About the Hosts

Sophia Ball

Sophia is really good at drinking wine. In fact, she's probably drinking wine right now. Occasionally, she writes stuff too.

Although she denies it, she's an award-winning writer, in addition to being a columnist, occasional storyteller, and most recently - a podcast co-host (despite the fact that she doesn't know how to operate a mic).

Fun fact: Sophia runs on coffee. She'd IV it directly into her veins, if she could.

Tamara Steele

Tamara is a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, but master of none.

When she's not out collecting confessions, she can be found working at her day job in an art gallery; singing with various musical groups; acting in local theatre and film productions, crocheting, and snuggling her dogs.

Fun fact: Tamara doesn't drink coffee.

Coffeeshop Confessionals is a weekly podcast where T&S talk to strangers, who for better or worse, make a confession. Confessions can range from hilarious, to poignant, to powerful, to inspirational. We aim to cover the full spectrum of human emotion in our quest for the best stories out there.